According to your point of view, cleaning the car is either a chore or a pleasure, but most people agree that they love to see their vehicle shiny and clean.

Ideally you should get your car cleaned on a weekly basis. However, many car owners clean their cars at very different intervals. Some will clean the car at regular intervals, whereas others will simply do the job when the car is so dirty they can no longer see the paint work.

So what is the ideal frequency for cleaning the family car?

The answer to that question will vary according to a variety of different factors.

Where you live has a big impact on the conditions that your car must cope with. If it is parked on a busy road, with lots of traffic, then it may pick up a load of dirt from the road. Likewise, if you live in a coastal region, then your car may well regularly be covered in salt spray and debris. If your car is parked under trees then it may become very dirty, very quickly with sap from the trees or bird droppings. If this is the case, then try and wash your car weekly. If you live in a very clean, quiet location, then a monthly clean is probably sufficient.

How frequently you drive your car also matters. As a general principle, the more miles that you drive, the more frequently you will need to clean the car. More highway miles mean more dirt and debris on the paint work. Where you drive your car also has an impact. If you drive through a rural area then you are far more likely to get a lot of squashed bugs on the windshield and front grille. In these conditions, you may want to wash your car every other week.

The climate and air temperature are also important considerations. In very cold climates, snow and grit from the roads can quickly erode and damage your paint work. Conversely, in very hot climates, the problem of erosion can be accelerated, as chemicals in contaminants become more active in hot temperatures. Tree sap, dead bugs and bird droppings can all very quickly cause permanent damage if let on a hot car. During hot or very cold weather, washing the car weekly is highly recommended.

The reason(s) for using your car will also affect how often you should wash it. If your car is used to visit clients or even to drive them around, then it needs to be kept spotlessly clean. If your car is a company vehicle and displays graphics advertising the business, then it too needs to be cleaned almost daily to ensure a professional image. If, however, you use your car for off-road driving in your own time, then you may not be as inclined to clean it so frequently.

Remember that, however frequently you clean your car, you always have the alternative to go to DCH Audi Oxnard for help. The most important thing is that you frequently clean the car to maintain and protect your paint work for as long as possible.